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sunday adams sita2002ng at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 28 16:38:17 PDT 2013


We are a startup company based in Nigeria with the goal of providing Cutting Edge Solutions that addresses our unique challenges and needs 

especially in the Sub - Saharan African market.

We stumbled upon your 2012 presentation on OPUS Codec just right on the time when we were looking for a solution that will provide HD Voice quality for PUSH TO TALK, INSTANT MESSAGING SERVICE for Voice, MUSIC AND VIDEO BROADCAST, Online Radio Services,  to both Mobile and PC Users

Opus, as we see it holds a great promise and will provide us the much needed advantage due to its low delay and also low bandwidth consumption in offering unparalleled services in the African market and beyond.

Kindly send us  more information as it relates to how we can achieve the aforementioned goals using the Codec. 

Thank you and looking forward to your correspondence please.

T I Adam
Cell:407 337 2980
Cell +234 703 063 2497
Email: skyintercontinental at me.com
Email 2: sita2002ng at yahoo.com
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