[opus] quality opus_demo vs opusenc

Quilino Cifuentes quilino.cifuentes at gmail.com
Tue Oct 15 02:22:08 PDT 2013

I have found differences in quality between opus_demo and opusenc/opusdec.

I used for both applications the same raw pcm file,16 bit,48khz,litle
endian. i use libopus 1.1-beta and opus-tools-0.1.7.

The command for opus_demo is:

opus_demo audio 48000 1 64000 -cvbr -framesize 10 in.pcm out.pcm

For opusenc/dec:

opusenc --raw --raw-chan 1 bitrate 64 -cvbr --framesize 10 in.pcm in.opus

opusdec in.opus out.pcm

the PEAQ value for opus_demo is -0.152 and for opus-tools is -0.449

Should I expect the same quality or are opus_demo and opusenc/dec
different by definition?


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