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Hi all,

accSone is proud to announce the release of the cross platform internet jam solution tubePlug 2.0 as open source on GitHub under GNU General Public License v3. tubePlug is based on opus 1.0.3. 


We are happy to support if one need help to understand the code or want to discuss new features or projects. The tubePlug source code comes with a detailed explanation how to build the plug ins under Windows/VS 2010 and MACOS/XCode 4.  

tubePlug runs as a VST/AudioUnit plugin on MACOSX and Windows. Musicians can utilize the tool to establish real-time audio connection networks to exchange and route high quality multichannel audio in their preferred production environment. 

Since 2006 tubePlug is used to facilitate internet concerts with many international artist in different venues all over the world. With this open source initiative t-u-b-e reacts now to the demands of many artist to modify and develop this unique technique further. 

The tubePlug source code comes in addition to several reusable cross platform components and libraries from accSone:  
    * GUI framework with several visible components 
    * VST 2.4 and AU plugin framework 
    * Audio DSP framework with several audio components 
    * Tool framework 

The tubePlug 2.0 techniques uses also several other open source libraries like the high quality coder library opus and other tools like libpng, zlib and VST SDK. 

Jörg Stelkens

Ebernburgstraße 1a
D-81375 Munich, Germany


phone: +49 89/237166-05
mail:  email at accsone.com
twitter:  www.twitter.com/accsone
facebook: www.facebook.com/accSone
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