[opus] Unknown versions in git.

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Wed Oct 2 05:42:35 PDT 2013

The Arch Linux vcs packaging guidelines used to recommend shallow
cloning of git packages, as apparently this was said to save bandwidth
for the repo server. Now Pacman is doing the cloning automatically based
on the vcs URL in the sources array, so the checkout function is no
longer needed, and versioning is now done via a pkgver() function that
in the case of git, uses git describe --long if the repo includes
annotated tags and git rev-list --count HEAD)" "$(git rev-parse --short
HEAD if not. As I am the maintainer of the opus-git and opus-tools-git
packages in the Arch User Repository, I'll experiment to find out what
versions I get when building the packages. The last time I built these
packages I didn't get unknown versions, but I got the commit number
rather than the version tag. I think the version seen by programs linked
against the libs is correct though.
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