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Andreas K. Foerster list at akfoerster.de
Thu Nov 28 05:32:23 PST 2013


I have problems with encoding FLAC-Files with embedded pictures.
Currently i use opus-tools 0.1.7 with libopus 1.1-rc2.

After encoding opusinfo shows
WARNING: Unknown picture type in METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE comment 12 (stream 1): 1768776039
WARNING: Invalid mime type length in METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE comment 12 (stream 1): 1697607790 bytes when 5562 are available

When i play the files with opusdec it shows the picture base64 encoded,
which is not very useful, but it scrolls the useful information out of sight.
Please fix that.
The totem-player doesn't show the picture at all.

The files with pictures I tested are MaxMoritz.flac and Rabe.flac.
You can find them in that directory:
It's in German language.

By the way Rabe is a translation of "The raven" by E.A.Poe.
In that file I used a reverb effect, which seems to get lowered by encoding.
Is that intentional? Is there a way to keep the effect intact?

AKFoerster <http://AKFoerster.de/>

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