[opus] How to negotiate 'Opus/Celt only'?

Fredrik Bonde Fredrik.Bonde at ascom.se
Thu Nov 14 07:55:09 PST 2013

Thank you Gregory. I'll forward your answer to our people and they will have a look.

Best regards
Fredrik Bonde

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On Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 12:51 AM, Fredrik Bonde <Fredrik.Bonde at ascom.se> wrote:
> 1.            Is it possible to via SDP force the remote party to send a
> specific mode of the 32 different possible modes or to force the 
> remote side to use CELT only?

No, and if you cannot decode opus completely (all modes) your device is not conformant with the Opus specification.

I'm confused about the MIPS limitation though. The LPC mode decoder is _much_ faster than the MDCT mode decoder. Can you explain more about this?

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