[opus] How to negotiate 'Opus/Celt only'?

Fredrik Bonde Fredrik.Bonde at ascom.se
Thu Nov 14 00:51:41 PST 2013


Since our device can only handle the Celt part of Opus (due to a MIPS limitation), we have two questions:

1.            Is it possible to via SDP force the remote party to send a specific mode of the 32 different possible modes or to force the remote side to use CELT only?
2.            In the reference implementation of Opus it looks like the only way to force the encoder to use CELT only is to use the OPUS_SET_FORCE_MODE request Defined in opus_private.h. Does the name
and the location of the file suggest that it is not recommended to force the encoder to use CELT only?

Any answers or suggestions are welcome!

Best regards
Fredrik Bonde

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