[opus] [PATCH] 02-Add CELT filter optimizations

Aurélien Zanelli aurelien.zanelli at parrot.com
Wed May 22 05:49:00 PDT 2013

Le 21/05/2013 22:54, Timothy B. Terriberry a écrit :
> We did some design discussion in #opus this morning. The short-term plan
> is to port over the libtheora ARM CPU detection code. Instead of having
> function tables in the state structs, however, the plan is to use an
> index into a read-only list of functions, so e.g.,
> ptr_funcs[st->arch&ARCH_MASK] can select one without the risk of buffer
> overflows corrupting st leading to arbitrary code execution.
> If you want to start implementing that, let me know, otherwise I'll take
> a crack at it.
I start playing with CPU capabilities detection and associated function 
calls with global structures (e.g celt_lpc_operation which contain 
pointer to celt_fir, celt_iir... functions) as i don't fully understand 
your design.
Could you describe it more precisely ? Also, IRC log could help me 
understand, but i don't know if you have it or where i can download it.

Best regards,
Aurélien Zanelli
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