[opus] Required help in opus codec build & run

Deepthi Raychoti deepthi.raychoti at pathpartnertech.com
Mon Mar 4 06:24:14 PST 2013


I have downloaded the latest stable version *1.0.2 opus audio codec* link:

*Details of OS & CPU:*
OS    : Microsoft Windows XP
CPU  :  intel core 2 Duo cpu

I am using Microsoft visual C++ 2010 Express to build the codec
(opus.vcxproj available in the package downloaded). I am able to build it.

With the executable opus_demo.exe , I tried to encode & decode with the
following command: But the decoder output is noisy as in the attached

*Encoder command line :   opus_demo -e audio 48000 2 94840 -cbr
input_48k.wav input_48k.opus* *
Decoder command line :   opus_demo -d 48000 2 input_48k.opus
Can you please help me here.

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