[opus] running at 44.1K but with standard frame sizes

Marc Lindahl marc at bowery.com
Sat Jun 15 09:45:53 PDT 2013

Hi Jean-Marc,

On Jun 15, 2013, at 12:20 PMEDT, Jean-Marc Valin wrote:

>> So I still wonder, if you set up a custom mode, but then had all the
>> settings the same as a normal mode, would the codec perform worse, or
>> the same?
> You'll have to try normal vs custom modes and choose. The only thing I'm
> telling you is don't run a 48 kHz encoder at 44.1 kHz.

Of course, I'm setting up a bunch of tests to evaluate these, what I was asking was more along the lines of, 
If you set up the same exact, including the sample rate, do you get the same results (e.g. same code path, calculations, etc.?)

I'm trying to understand if there's something especially deficient about the custom modes, or whether it's simply normal tradeoffs of frame size vs. ability to compress, etc. etc.


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