[opus] Newbie question on VAD

John Ridges jridges at masque.com
Wed Jan 16 12:24:53 PST 2013

Questions aside as to whether this is a dumb idea (I'm not really 
qualified to answer that), Opus doesn't have a VAD because it's outside 
the scope of the codec (Opus is meant for any audio, not just voice). 
That said, I should warn you that the Speex VAD is quite poor (it was 
never really finished) and is pretty much unusable. If I were you, I'd 
try the webrtc VAD. It's also open source, has ARM optimizations, and 
seems to work pretty well.


On 1/16/2013 1:00 PM, Harri Pasanen <harri&mpaja.com>  wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm interested in speech recognition and it occurred
> to me to try to use VAD to automatically detect the start of speech
> prior to feeding the stream to the recognition engine.
> Speex has a preprocessor capability which presumably could be
> used for this, but I did not see similar in my quick perusal of Opus
> docs.
> First, is this is a dumb idea for some reason?   If not, should I just use
> Speex preprocessor, or can Opus be coaxed to do this?
> I'm targeting mobile platforms, so ARM v7 in practice.
> I'm noob in codec domain, but not as a developer.
> Thanks,
> Harri

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