[opus] Compexity vs Quality

Olle Frimanson olle.frimanson at keystream.se
Mon Jan 14 23:14:36 PST 2013


The complexity settings in Opus affects the CPU load a lot, below are some preliminary figures (MIPS) we got on Samsung Galaxy S2 1.2 (1.2 GHz ARM7)

8KHz codec encode/decode - OPUS/8000 C0        56.51
8KHz codec encode/decode - OPUS/8000 C5        106.06
8KHz codec encode/decode - OPUS/8000 C10       156.55
16KHz codec encode/decode - OPUS/16000 C0       99.19
16KHz codec encode/decode - OPUS/16000 C5       196.00
16KHz codec encode/decode - OPUS/16000 C10     293.12

My question is if anybody have "real" testing on how complexity setting impact speech quality?

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