[opus] A GUI for opusenc.exe - OpusDrop

Foveon one at foveon.de
Wed Jan 2 14:34:20 PST 2013


I've put some work in a small GUI that makes transcoding files from .wav 
to .opus more comfortable and faster. It's a small 
C#-Windows-Application and is described and available for download at [1].

At the moment it's still more in an alpha state, there might be some 
bugs. So for example one problem is, that I can't shut down the 
opusenc.exe, if I want to quit the GUI. Don't know why, opusenc just 
won't shut down.

 From my point of view it's finished to the point, where it does all the 
things, I personally need. (Maybe transcoding from .opus to .wav would 
be handy too).
But maybe you guys know, how the code can be transfered to some kind of 
open source project managing site like sourceforge or whatever would be 
appropriated for this little GUI.

with greetings,
     Daniel Thomae

[1] - http://foveon.de/sonstiges/opusdrop/

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