[opus] opusfile.h error

alpha thinktink alphathinktink at gmail.com
Sun Aug 25 20:50:19 PDT 2013


/**Use the given user name for authentication when proxying connections.
>    All proxy parameters are ignored for non-http and non-https URLs.
>    \param _user const char *: The proxy server user name.
>                               This may be <code>NULL</code> to disable
> proxy
>                                authentication.
>                               A non-<code>NULL</code> value only has an
> effect
>                                if #OP_HTTP_PROXY_HOST and
>                                are also specified with
> non-<code>NULL</code>
>                                arguments.
>    \hideinitializer*/
> #define OP_HTTP_PROXY_USER(_user) \
> You've got "_host" instead of "_user" in the definition for the macro for
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