[opus] opusfile 0.4 release

alpha thinktink alphathinktink at gmail.com
Tue Aug 20 20:38:02 PDT 2013

I've developed the unofficial Opus codec support plugin for Winamp and I
have been able to keep the libopusfile libraries inside a folder inside the
application's install path - "%PROGRAMFILES%\WinampNarf\opusfile" - and all
seemed to be fine and dandy.

However, if I try to load the new libopusurl-0.dll from the same folder as
I have always done as with the other libraries, I get a NULL HMODULE handle
from LoadLibraryW and GetLastError() return error code 126 - "The specified
module could not be found."

I then redid my code to load the libraries from the same folder as the
application executable instead and it loaded this time.  I'm assuming that
"libopusurl-0.dll is looking for its supporting DLL's from the exe path
instead of it's own.

Can this be fixed?

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