[opus] live streaming

Ralph Giles giles at thaumas.net
Tue Aug 13 07:01:18 PDT 2013

On 13-08-13 2:07 AM, Greg Bernard wrote:
> Hey Ralph, I tried using icecast for streaming, but I couldn't get the
> latency below five or six seconds. I need to get it down to at least
> under one second, even much less than that if possible. I need it for a
> live audio situation where it would be connecting to several dozen
> mobile devices. Do you know the best application or method of streaming
> for this? I've been working on finding a solution all day and it'd be
> great if you could help me out. Thanks! :)

You can get the latency down to a second or two by adjusting the buffer
sizes in the icecast config.

HTTP streaming with sub-second latency isn't really possible on the WAN.
If you need that you'll have to switch to an RTP-based solution.

There's no great opus-supporting server solution for that. The code at
webrtc.org can do this, but afaik there's only glue code for browsers as
clients. People are working on reflectors and stand-alone source
clients, but I don't know of anything I can recommend at this point.

You'll probably have to write some code if you want this to work.


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