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Thu Apr 11 16:32:37 PDT 2013

and that some small indy Classical labels still use it.

Since applying deemph appears to be lossy, it seems to me it would be
desirable to keep bit perfect data in lossless formats like flac and use
metadata to indicate it has CD emphasis, in which case there probably
should be a switch on the opusenc encoder to apply deemph on transcode
from flac. That way one doesn't have decode to wav and apply the change
before sending it to opusenc.

Probably low priority but a "would be nice" thing.

Maybe even trigger off a metadata tag in the flac (like opusenc does
with ReplayGain) so not even a switch is needed. Currently I'm using

CD_PRE-EMPH in the flac with values of no, yes, or applied - under that
scheme only a value of yes would need to trigger opusenc to apply it on

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