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Diego Elio Pettenò flameeyes at flameeyes.eu
Sun Sep 23 18:10:58 PDT 2012

On 23/09/2012 18:03, Timothy B. Terriberry wrote:
> A request, if I may: libtheora's autotools support included a "make 
> debug" target which built things with debug info and disabled all 
> optimizations.

Would a ./configure --enable-debug-build work as well for you?

Generally speaking I'd suggest keeping debug info and debug code paths
(assertion etc.) orthogonal as much as possible: it's handy for
distributions such as RHEL (and for Gentoo as well) to be able to have
debug symbols on a release, optimized build in case something goes wrong
and the library crashed.

So my suggestion would be: by default keep assertions in (that's what
most software seem to do since assert.h only compiles them out if you
build -DNDEBUG), leave the user the ability to specify their cflags, and
then have the debug codepaths enabled by -DDEBUG or something.

--enable-debug-build would append -ggdb to the flags (for GCC at least),
together with -UNDEBUG -DDEBUG to make sure that both assertions and
codepaths are enabled. (-UNDEBUG because there's actually a
--disable-assert option that one can add to ./configure as part of
standard autoconf)

For what concerns Gentoo, it'll have an USE=debug that only enables the
codepaths, but not the symbols, as those are handled separately, and we
generally suggest them to be enabled.

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