[opus] Opus for ASR

Ralph Giles giles at thaumas.net
Mon Sep 17 11:33:08 PDT 2012

On 12-09-17 11:26 AM, Young, Milan wrote:

> [Milan] We'll need at least 10k words to perform a smoke test.  I suspect this will take on the order of about half an hour plus a bit more for administrative overhead.
> Targeted testing is probably on the order of several days.  Due to resource scarcity, I'd like to schedule those slots with the particular subset of developers who are serious about ASR optimization.  If you are interested in participating, please let me know.

Both of those turn arounds are reasonable for adding to our automated
test system. I can't promise any targetted work at this point, but I'd
definitely like to send you ongoing builds as development proceeds.


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