[opus] IETF Video codec Birds of a Feather session. Please participate. **TODAY**

Gregory Maxwell greg at xiph.org
Mon Nov 5 07:41:43 PST 2012

Today at 17:40-19:40 Eastern Standard Time (22:40-00:40 UTC) the IETF
will be holding a Birds of a Feather session to discuss creating a
working group for developing a next generation video codec for
Internet use.  Remote participation is open to everyone.

This would be an effort somewhat similar to what we used to create the
Opus audio codec. The IETF provides an open standardization process
and uniform IPR disclosure rules which are beneficial for a royalty
free effort. Anyone interested in next generation video work can bring
their efforts to contribute.

The purpose of the BoF is to foster discussion and gauge the current
level of interest in creating a working group and doing work in this

There will be presentations on WG goals and some technical
presentations including a VPNext presentation and presentations on
some of the video coding tools developed as a part of the Daala
research (http://xiph.org/daala/).

The agenda for the session is at:

Because this is just the start of the effort there is not too much
background to be familiar with before participating but it may be
useful to read the proposed charter first:

The mailing list for this effort is at:

Remote participants are treated as equals in the IETF. They can join
the discussion and take the mic by joining the XMPP chat room at
xmpp:videocodec at jabber.ietf.org?join (Or via the xiph.org run
reflector on irc.freenode.net ##IETF_videocodec) and watch the
presentations via streams of the slides and audio. PDFs of the slides
will be posted as well.

Remote participants were a major factor for getting the audio codec
working group created.
I hope everyone interested in next-generation royalty free video
formats will find time to join in and participate.

Please feel free to forward this message on to other people who might
be interested in participating in this effort.

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