[opus] Opus in Audacity

Martyn Shaw martynshaw99 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 16:29:43 PST 2012


I am an Audacity (http://audacity.sourceforge.net/) developer and I'd 
like to see Audacity reading and writing Opus files as easily as it 
does others.  What would you recommend as a way forward for this?

I am thinking that (Win) we should ship opusenc.exe and opusdec.exe 
and send command line stuff to them; that way we wouldn't need to dip 
into your code and as you update we would be compatible (as long as 
your command-line options stayed the same, which I assume they will). 
  We would put a GUI in place so that users didn't have to type commands.

I am on Windows here, but we are a 3-platform application so we need 
to keep that in mind.

I have compiled opusenc.exe and opusdec.exe from your sources on GIT 
etc., but I don't think we at Audacity should be doing that, as you 
are the experts at there.

Congratulations on a great piece of software, and getting it accepted 
as an RFC!  Things have certainly moved on since I was researching 
this stuff 20 years ago!


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