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Am I the only one who received this message on July 31st ? First I
thought Heiko's computer's date was incorrect, and then I checked the
headers, and can't believe this message has been queued for so long, if
what I see is correct.


Le 05/12/2011 17:49, Heiko.Zeuner at Sennheiser.com a écrit :
> Hello everyone,
> I'm evaluating the Celt in terms of robustness against bit errors.
> So what I have done is encoding a wav file using the \tools\celtenc.exe
> and then manipulated the wav file according a desired bit error rate
> or burst error length.
> But the Celt decoder stops decoding with the first bit I manipulated
> even if this bit is not in the header.
> So is there a way to do the test from the command line?
> thx,
> Heiko  
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