[opus] Opus for ASR - update and questions

Young, Milan Milan.Young at nuance.com
Thu Dec 6 20:32:53 PST 2012

Unfortunately, a uniform model is going to make the simulation behave better than it would in real-world busty conditions.  If anyone has alternate model suggestions, please let me know.  I need a good simulation and I'd be happy to donate code.


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> Young, Milan wrote:
> > One more follow-up question regarding the decoder's "packet-loss"
> parameter.  What distribution model is being used to simulate packet loss?  Is
> this a uniform model, or something that resembles the bursty nature of real
> world conditions?
> The best answer here is to read the code (from opus_demo.c):
>              lost = len[toggle]==0 || (packet_loss_perc>0 && rand()%100 <
> packet_loss_perc);
> So, uniform.
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