[CELT-dev] opus sampling rates

bryandonnovan at gmail.com bryandonnovan at gmail.com
Thu May 12 12:36:15 PDT 2011

I hope it is OK to ask an Opus question here.  If not, please advise the
correct forum.

Regarding the statement "Internally, the codec always operates at a 48
kHz sampling rate, though it
allows input and output of various bandwidths..."

Can I infer from this that it is most CPU efficient to always input and
output PCM data at 48000 samples per sec, regardless of other factors such
as bitrate?

My use of Opus is for an interactive app, so I want to set capture and
playback sampling rates appropriately and avoid resampling inside the codec
to the extent possible.  Opus is operating on 20 msec mono frames, set for
OPUS_MODE_AUTO / OPUS_BANDWIDTH_AUTO, with a bit rate that varies between
10kbps - 64kbps.

Thanks for any tips.
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