[CELT-dev] Audio Performance on solo instruments

Bob Bang bob.bang2 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 12:06:54 PDT 2011

Hello everyone, I was curious if anyone has performed any listening tests or
done work with solo instrument performances with the CELT codec?

I experience quite a bit of noise coming up with a heavily tonal stimulus,
the worst offender being a trumpet. I understand some of this behavior is to
be expected, this is a perceptual codec afterall, but was curious if anyone
was able to find an elegant solution.  (Jean-Marc: This may also be a good
test file to throw into your routine listening)

I know I am pushing the codec to its limits a bit: fixed point math, small
frame size (100 samples on v0.7.1, 120 samples on v0.11.1) and a bitrate of
around 200kbps for a stereo application. I understand I can throw more bits
or a larger window at the problem, but then my system requirements would be
blown. Would the complexity option help me at all? Has anyone worked around
this some other way?

thanks in advance
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