[CELT-dev] Scanning the compressed celt for an artifact

Andrew Lentvorski bsder at allcaps.org
Sun Jul 17 05:32:15 PDT 2011

On 7/17/11 12:52 AM, Gregory Maxwell wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 16, 2011 at 8:51 PM, Andrew Lentvorski<bsder at allcaps.org>  wrote:
>> I need to test the latency of a system that I ported CELT to.  I'd like
>> to set a flag when the stream "changes".
> [snip]
>> Can anybody with more CELT knowledge than me give me some pointers?
> Send in digital silence. That is the most trivially detected.

Is it?  A codec never produces precisely flat baseline; it always has a 
little bit of noise in the last couple of LSB's.

What will CELT do with that? Is CELT smart enough to collapse the small 
amount of noise to 0?


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