[CELT-dev] celt vs speex

Pascal Pochol Pochol at WebfootGames.com
Mon Oct 18 11:40:18 PDT 2010


> Quite the opposite. The idea of the hybrid is to get the best of SILK  
> and CELT. Also, just SILK alone will get you better quality than Speex  
> for the same bit-rate.

Wow. hum I don't want to crowed the celt-dev list with Harmony question is
there an harmony-dev list somewhere?

What about cpu wise for the decoder? We had to limit ourselves to 16Khz
speex fixed point decoding because 32Khz was taking too much cpu. We do the
encoding on PC machine so no problem there but the decoding in the worst
case is done on a tiny ARM9 device.

How production ready is harmony assuming that the stream and the code don't
need to change once I release the application? I assume that since it's
built upon speex and celt it's already as good as both? But I've been wrong
in my assumption in the past.


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