[CELT-dev] celt vs speex

Pascal Pochol Pochol at WebfootGames.com
Thu Oct 14 16:46:05 PDT 2010


we've been using speex in a project with great success. Since it claimed to
be really tailored for speech and not music that is why we looked at celt
to hear if we could get better sounding music. But as far as we can tell
speex does a pretty good job with the music part while celt does pretty
good with the speech part too. I was wondering if anybody had made test to
pin the two together? We certainly like being able to use 44.1Khz in celt
vs the 32Khz max in speex.

On a side note, it would have been great if the too project would have used
the same semantic for the api. As far as we are concerned we need to do
nearly the same thing to create a converter for speex and one for celt.
only in one a function will be called speex_encoder_init vs
celt_mode_create. At first look it's mostly "create" vs "init". Maybe it's
for the best so we don't get confused when writing converter for one or the
other, but if you look at the speex sample code at:
and the celt sample code that was in the presentation given a while back
they look really similar. I'm not saying that "create" is better than
"init" or the other way around, it simply looked funny to us looking at
both projects so close one after another. We encapsulated that into our own
consistent classes in our library so on the application side it really
doesn't matter.


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