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Hi All,

In my Ph D thesis  in the Music Department, at the University of Otago I
am exploring how traditional ecologically inspired music can be foregrounded
in ICT contexts.

One of the applications of this theory I am hoping to develop involves
creating a webcast of music during the 2012 Festival of Pacific Arts. The
festival will be held in Honiara, Solomon Islands. My research focus was
initially based in the Solomon Islands, and I have spent some time there
this year investigating how music is inspired by the environment.

I am looking at ways my research can bring something back to the people that
I am working with over there, and that is how I have come to ask if it would
be possible to set up a webcast for the festival? I am thinking that this
can be mutually beneficial because it would create an opportunity for
exposure to the traditional music which will feature at the festival. While
also creating an opportunity to develop an information
communications technology (ICT) which is not currently in Solomon Islands.

There are a number of ways I would like to approach this:

1. Have a website which is interactive, and build a community,  and big
membership. I have a face book group started. Please Join!

2. Publicise widely.

3. Create an Open Educational Resource (OER) using Wiki-Educator. A web
casting for pacific artists 'how to' repository toolkit.

This will involve some technical questions and work with an FPA
organizing committee
to make webcasting the 2012 FPA a reality.

I understand that FPA organisation is largely determined by where the
festival is held?

Post Solomon Islands, perhaps the method can be used by Guam in 2016 and can
be a good example of maintaining transparency in methods of operation and

Many thanks for any thoughts, and experience which people can relate, which
could encourage this discussion.


Sean Linton

~ FYI: Earlier Correspondence between David Leeming (Solomon Islands Rural
Link) , Andrew Lano (SIBC) and myself.  ~

 Hi David, Andrew,

I have been thinking about whether the upcoming FPA in Honiara 2012
would benefit from having a webcast. There is other FPA material available
online, and yet it tends to come out as archive material? Can  you think if
this would be possible in 2012 given bandwidth issues,
technicians expertise,  and or equipment requirements?

I am hoping to introduce this idea to a wider community, and I thought I
would start by consulting and introducing you - apologies if you have met,
no harm.

For  David; Andrew is a technical advisor at SIBC - if this is something
that would be useful for the FPA then perhaps the SIBC would benefit from
having the residual skills left behind in the wake of the festival.

For Andrew; David has been helping me with some technology and
communications aspects of the research I am currently working on, experience
with computer networking is probably going to be helpful, especially if we
are looking at a multi-sited festival.

I will continue to see if there is some interest in this idea - and
hopefully we can get a discussion going and proposal for
the organizing committee? They might come back and say there is enough to do
just to get the thing happening but either way it could be worth a shot.

Hope you are both well,

~ all the best ~


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   David Leeming to me, alano, andrewlano
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Great idea

We can do this as a project.

·         Start a really nice looking website (interactive Ning type,
Facebook might be OK, and build a big membership using good community of
practice approaches (activity and “repertoire – or content” based),

·         Publicise widely, the website will be the portal for it and the
place to connect to streaming

·         Will then become a resource owned by pacific artists

·         Why not have SIBC as the lead partner if interested? I would be

Technically, can be done by streaming to an Internet broadcasting service in
the US, so you only have one stream outgoing from the expensive Sols and
then a reasonably low cost (USD 100 or so p.m.) service allowing multiple
connections based in US

I once looked into this and discussed with Cornelius but we didn’t follow it

To make it 100% reliable you could set up a temporary RICS VSAT on site. By
April 2011 my company (Solomon islands Rural Link) will be an ISP offering
such services. Currently I can set them up but not offer ISP service.

*David Leeming*

Solomon Islands Rural Link
P.O.Box 652 Honiara, Solomon Islands

+677 7476396 (m) +677 24419 (h)

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