[CELT-dev] CELT in Digital Radio Mondiale

Feilen, Michael michael.feilen at tum.de
Mon May 31 04:38:30 PDT 2010

Dear CELT Developers,

I wrote a proposal on how to integrate CELT into Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM+). The CELT codec has been integrated in the Spark transmission software and SoDiRa receiver software.

Please download the proposal here: 
Suggestions and comments are welcome!

A live on-air DRM+ transmission using CELT (v.0.7.1) for audio encoding was presented on May, 27th at the Symposium in Kaiserslautern:

Although the codec delivers very good audio quality and runs stable if the bitstream is error-free, the decoder (v0.7.1) produces a segfault under Windows in case the bitstream contains bit-errors. Currently, we detect faulty frames by an additional CRC check and avoid decoding them. 
I wonder if this behavior is intentional or if it might be a bug in the codec?

Thank you!

Best regards,
Michael Feilen

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