[CELT-dev] uint decode error on visual studio...

John Ridges jridges at masque.com
Wed Mar 3 13:28:27 PST 2010

FWIW, I've been using CELT with visual C++ 2005 and have experienced no 
warnings or other problems at all. Of course I built the vcproj myself 
back when the GIT didn't have one, so perhaps there is something about 
it or VC 2008 that isn't compiling the code correctly. BTW I do disable 
C4554, C4244, C4305 and C4100 just to cut down on the clutter.

John Ridges

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> Is this a common warning? The decoder doesn't return an error on it, but I
> see it a lot in my test application on windows. It is non existent on my
> linux box. I haven't tried mingw yet.
> please note that I'm using visual studio 2008 w/the vcproj that Bjoern
> Rasmussen made for 0.5.2 (w/some file references removed) at the moment and
> it is giving a lot of C4554 warnings "'operator' : check operator precedence
> for possible error; use parentheses to clarify precedence", especially where
> the EC_CODE_* macros are used. I would have to agree with msdev, it would be
> nice to have precedence clarified.
> The idea of my app below is that I take a raw mono 16-bit little endian
> signed PCM, Celt it, then immediately turn it back into the same PCM format
> again. However my output file clearly suffers from "uint decode error" on
> windows, but on linux it's just peachy.

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