[CELT-dev] Introduction + Patch

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Thu Jan 7 17:46:48 PST 2010


I'm new here so an introduction. I'm Stefan de Konink, I have a diverse 
past, present and future in coding, content creation and a background in 
speech research. As introduced on #celt I want to do some promotion for 
the codec.

I was positively surprised by the availability of something 'almost 
done' and totally usable in the form of celtclient.c, attached is a tiny 
patch to update it with the the present API. As future reference and 
Google indexation to compile it:

gcc -lspeexdsp -lasound -lcelt  -I../libcelt -o celtclient celtclient.c 

What is on my list:
- application[1] that can do Push-to-Talk, NAT pass through, some 
history, just something simple, but directly usable.
- maybe if I can get my favorite OEM supportive, to get a low latency, 
portable Barix clone[2], based on the above app.


[1] http://celtalk.org/
[2] http://www.barix.com/Audio_transmission/1161/
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