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Hi Mike,
You could give fmod a go - it supports celt encoding out of the box, the
mixer dsp buffer size is configurable (you can get it down to whatever you
want - ie i've used 32x2 samples on asio and WASAPI is just as good), the
celt format support is set at 512 samples (for performance - the cpu usage
starts to climb heavily the smaller the frame size).
The convenient part is there is no code to write - just
'init'/'load'/'play'.  Windows supports wasapi/dsound/winmm/asio and linux
supports alsa/oss/esd and pulse.

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Hi all,

	I was wondering if anyone had any advice on an audio library that is
better suited to be paired with Celt in terms of latency.  I'm working
on an application that I would like to have running on both
windows/Linux systems.  I started by using the OpenAL library but I have
run into an issue when feeding OpenAL small mono sample sizes that are
512 samples or less(1024 bytes).  Even if I create a ridiculous amount
of buffers the playback is not correct.  I corrected the issue but it
required that I create a second buffer that can hold around 2048
samples.  My goal is to achieve the lowest latency possible.

Thank you
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