[CELT-dev] memory violation in mode_create() !

Markus Haist (DSPG Technologies GmbH) celt at platax.de
Fri Dec 3 02:08:22 PST 2010

There seems to be a memory violation when calling celt_mode_create(48000, 240).
The function compute_pulse_cache() calls celt_alloc (the second one,
bits=celt_alloc()) in order to allocate 343 byte, but it is using about 872
bytes at that location, which will be deleted by the following allocations.
In this case the following encoder call crashes at first run.
Sorry, my time is very limited, I cannot trace this any further now.  Could you
please check the figure given in celt_alloc() and/or the folling loop, which is
populating the allocated memory. 
 The other allocations seem ok.

thanks a lot,
our config:
 - version = 0.9.1
 - f<s> = 48kHz
 - frame_size = 240 (p.ch.) (--> 5ms) 
 - rate = 128 kbit/s (stereo)
 - vbr_rate = 0
 - prediction = 2
 - complexity = 10  
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