[CELT-dev] What is the relation of CELT and SPEEX?

Shlomi Hazan hzshlomi at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 02:09:26 PST 2009

Hi Jean-Marc,

I got to this mailing list while trying to use the latest SPEEX version
(1.2rc1) VAD capabilities.
I had difficulties to successfully distinguish speech from non speech on
recorded files (probably doing something wrong).
Digging into the code I found out a remark saying :"*The VAD has been
replaced by a hack pending a complete rewrite*".
In search for answer I found out about CELT which looks more lively, judging
by the release date (July 23, 2008) and traffic on the mailing list.
Is CELT a replacement (or will be) of SPEEX, or are they strictly different
by aim?
If they overlap, will CELT support the same features as SPEEX?
If not, Is there an estimated release schedule for the stable SPEEX 1.2
version? is it still maintained?
And also, what is the current status of the SPEEX pre-processor, and more
specifically VAD, AGC, AEC, denoise, dereverb, etc?
what is the right way to use?
I will be very happy to help including testing and coding on both projects,
both on Windows and Linux (CentOS is my favorite...).

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