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Peter Hoogervorst phoogervorst at engineering-spirit.nl
Mon Nov 16 01:49:23 PST 2009


I want to use the CELT codec in an embedded solution. For the embedded 
solution, the processor speed is of great importance.
In the documentation (the presentation of Dr. Jean-Marc Valin, Gregory 
Maxwell and Dr. Timothy B. Terriberry) the CELT LC (low complexity) mode 
is mentionned. The LC mode should use half the memory recources and half 
the MIPS.
My question is how to tell the CELT library to use the low complexity 
mode. Should I use the 
"celt_encoder_ctl(enc,CELT_SET_COMPLEXITY(complexity))" function and set 
the complexity to zero, or is there also a compile time define which I 
should use?

I use the CELT version 0.7.0.

Best regards,
P. Hoogervorst
	Engineering Spirit
De Werf 4e,    3632 AE Loenen a/d Vecht
The Netherlands
tel: (+31)294-237007 <skype:+31294237007?call>  
www.engineering-spirit.nl <http://www.engineering-spirit.nl/>   

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