[CELT-dev] Encoder crash in multithreading processing

Serguei Kouratov ksubox at gmail.com
Tue May 19 18:32:38 PDT 2009

Hi, I try to work with CELT encoder & decoder in 2 different threads at the
same time.
So I create/destroy encoder and encode in one thread and create/destroy
decoder and decode in other thread.
If I didn't protect celt_encoder_create, celt_encode_float and
celt_decoder_create, celt_decode_float with CRITICAL_SECTION
I get stable error in icwrs32 or ec_byte_write1 (more often) in encoder.

What does it mean ? Is CELT not thread-safe ? Any way to avoid this error


ps: I use last version from git repository, but I also checked with previous
version and with 2 compilers VC++ 2008 & Intel 11.
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