[CELT-dev] 22 kHz version of CELT

Marc Padellini marc.padellini at gmail.com
Mon May 11 09:13:53 PDT 2009


I'd like to know the reasons why CELT supports only signals with sampling
frequency in the range of 32-96 kHz.
In effect, it can clearly outperform speex at high bitrates, and has
potential to be used in high quality voice communications even for 11, 16
and 22 kHz speech signals. It could also compete with SILK codec (to be soon
released by Skype).

See this page for more specifications on SILK:

I don't see any limitation in the current CELT design, though trying to code
22 kHz signals with ./testcelt.exe made the highest frequency band
disappear. Would you know the reason of this ?

Anyway, thanks a lot for this codec, it looks very promizing,

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