[CELT-dev] Octagon Coding

Timothy B. Terriberry tterribe at email.unc.edu
Wed Mar 18 17:13:15 PDT 2009

Benjamin M. Schwartz wrote:
> Anyway, I welcome any feedback or advice on the matter.  I have written up
> a complete implementation of quantization, encode, and decode for both PVQ
> and OVQ in Python.  Algorithmically, OVQ comes with very little overhead

The real experiment is to try to integrate it into the encoder (decode
can be skipped for now), and see what effect it has on PEAQ scores,
which are often only tangentially related to RMS error. Throw the code
at gmaxwell... he made the mistake of telling me he expects to have tons
of free time over the next week. If that looks promising, then there's
human listeners...

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