[CELT-dev] STATIC_MODES, fft and prob members

Chen-Po Sun chenpo at fmod.org
Thu Jul 23 23:27:19 PDT 2009

Hi Guys,

I've just been looking into STATIC_MODES. My plan is to generate and 
store the modes as part of our sound banks when they are encoded.

I have noticed that even with STATIC_MODES turned on, celt_mode_create 
still allocs and generates the fft and prob members (via 
pitch_state_alloc and quant_prob_alloc respectively). I also notice that 
in dump_modes.c, these two members are just set to 0 explicitly. Why 
aren't these two members part of the static mode?

Would anything bad happen if I make them part of the static mode? I 
assume not because CELTMode is read-only right?

Thanks for your help.

Chen-Po Sun
Firelight Technologies

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