[CELT-dev] trouble building celt on Fedora

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Tue Feb 3 20:37:35 PST 2009

Ok, most of the work is done now. There's a few details to sort out
(e.g. I don't think a simple autoconf-generated Makefile.in is
copyrightable), but it's much better.



Peter Robinson a écrit :
> Hi Jean-Marc,
>>>> Peter Robinson a écrit :
>>>>> I'm looking to package up celt for inclusion in Fedora as the next
>>>>> stable release of ekiga/opal will have support for it. I've run into
>>>>> two issues in compiling it into a rpm. The first is a show stopper,
>>>>> then second one not so much of an issue but thought I'd report it for
>>>>> reference.
>>> The other issue that has arisen as part of the package review is that
>>> not all the source files contain explicit license information and the
>>> source needs to be clarified or license headers added.
>> Can you be more specific? It's a lot easier to fix file xyz.c than to
>> fix some file somewhere that doesn't have a license.
> Sorry for the delayed response. From a quick grep using part of the
> license of the other files it looks like the following files are
> missing licensing information:
> celt_types.h
> ecintrin.h
> entcode.c
> entcode.h
> entdec.c
> entdec.h
> entenc.c
> entenc.h
> float_cast.h
> kfft_single.c
> kiss_fft.h
> kiss_fftr.h
> Makefile.am
> Makefile.in
> match-test.sh
> mfrngcod.h
> os_support.h
> pgain_table.h
> rangedec.c
> rangeenc.c
> Cheers,
> Peter

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