[CELT-dev] llcon software using CELT

"Alexander Carôt" alexander_carot at gmx.net
Thu Aug 20 12:51:15 PDT 2009

> When I use CELT in the llcon software, I noticed that in the case of a 
> network trouble, I get a constant tone back from the CELT decoder (audio 
> is not muted after some audio frames as I would expect). What I do in 
> case of network trouble is that I use a NULL pointer instead of putting 
> actual coded data to the decoder to force the "error resilience" in the 
> decoder.
> I wonder if I am doing something wrong using the CELT library or if this 
> is a bug.

Doesn't sound bad at all. Just in case: If you encountered an underrun or a wrong packet the appropriate call to enable the error concealment is this:

celt_decode(dec, NULL, 0, shortInput); 

where of course shortInput doesn't contain any encoded data. Currently data is not muted. The decoder just takes whatever you give it unless you explicitly use the call stated above.

However, as I told you before, the concealment still requires improvement, which will be fixed asap. 

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