[CELT-dev] llcon software using CELT

Volker v.fischer at nt.tu-darmstadt.de
Tue Aug 18 08:37:35 PDT 2009

Hi Jean-Marc,

>> I have now finished the inclusion of CELT in llcon, replacing all 
>> previous audio codecs. CELT is now the core technology in llcon.
> Cool. Thanks for letting us know. Is this already available in a
> release? If so, I'd like to add llcon to our software list. Just as a
> note, it's probably a good idea to include the bitstream version number
> somewhere in the protocol to make sure you don't end up with problems
> with the CELT bit-stream changes (CELT isn't frozen yet).
thanks for adding llcon to the software list. I'll let you know when I 
make the next release which includes CELT (right now there is no 
official llcon release including CELT available).

>> To proceed with an official llcon release, I have some questions 
>> regarding CELT:
>> - Gregory was suggesting an implementation in CELT so that different 
>> CELT streams could be mixed up without adding additional coding delay (I 
>> require this in my llcon server). Are there any plans in that direction? 
>> If yes, when can I expect to get the code?
> There are plans, but it's not that high on the todo list because it does
> not have bit-stream implications (i.e. it could be done at any time).
> However, if you (or someone else) would like to work on this, we can
> guide you.
Interesting work to do but unfortunately I have no time left for this. 
I'll wait until it will be implemented by somebody else. In the meantime 
I'll decode the streams, mix the time-domain audio signals and re-encode 
again at the server.

>> - Since CELT is now a core component in llcon, is it allowed to use some 
>> CELT text or logo in the main window of llcon?
> There is currently no logo for CELT, but assuming you use CELT
> unmodified (i.e. with no extension or breakage), then you are allowed to
> use the name or any logo.
Since CELT API and bitstream is not yet fixed, I decided to put the CELT 
sources in my distribution. I basically added the files in libcelt and 
the copying, authors, etc files. Please see:
for the list of files I added. I hope this not the "extension" or 
"breakage" case.

Best Regards,

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