[CELT-dev] get_required_bits32() and alloca() -> corrupted stack

Bjoern Rasmussen bjoern_rasmussen at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 11 05:31:21 PDT 2009

HiI'm trying to run CELT on Win32 but I'm running into some corrupted stack errors when using alloca(). When get_required_bits32() (in file cwrs.c:308) is called from get_required_bits() (in file cwrs.c:328) the 'K' parameter is 1 which means that the uint32 which is allocated on the stack only has 3 bytes instead of 4. This results in a corrupted stack in the following call to log2_frac().Shouldn't the line cwrs.c:313:ALLOC(u,K+2,celt_uint32_t);Instead say:ALLOC(u,max(K+2,sizeof(celt_uint32_t)),celt_uint32_t);?-- Bjoern
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