[ogg-dev] How to concatenate Ogg in the browser JS?

Vitaly Zdanevich zdanevich.vitaly at ya.ru
Thu Nov 15 19:01:00 UTC 2018

Maybe you know some existing code snippet or library for Javascript for altering serial and crc? Just now I compiled your quick script to wasm but the size is 28K, I think about simple correct solution for that case.

15.11.2018, 21:15, "Vitaly Zdanevich" <zdanevich.vitaly at ya.ru>:
> Yes, I found that serials of my Oggs is all zeros, thank you, I will try to alter serial.
> 15.11.2018, 19:39, "Ralph Giles" <giles at thaumas.net>:
>>  On 2018-11-15 4:22 a.m., Vitaly Zdanevich wrote:
>>>   Note: Stream 1 has serial number 0, which is legal but may cause problems with some tools.
>>  Note if *both* files have the same serial number, it's impossible to
>>  find the points where they were concatentated by bisection, and most
>>  tools will assume they've found all the sections and calculate an
>>  incorrect duration. They can still be played individually because there
>>  is not concatenation boundary to find in the individual case.
>>  If ogginfo shows the same serial (00000000) for both of your input
>>  streams, that's likely the problem. Muxers are supposed to use a random
>>  serial number to make conflicts unlikely. You can fix them by rewriting
>>  the serial number so there's no conflict. Basically, you change the
>>  serialno field in each ogg page header and then update the crc.
>>  If you want an example, I have a quick script for doing this in
>>  https://git.xiph.org/?p=rogg.git;a=blob;f=rogg_serial.c
>>  HTH,
>>    -r

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