[ogg-dev] How to concatenate Ogg in the browser JS?

Vitaly Zdanevich zdanevich.vitaly at ya.ru
Thu Nov 15 11:48:46 UTC 2018

Good day, no answers in Google about that. I asked https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53290693/how-to-alter-duration-of-ogg-with-js - in short I have Ogg Vorbis files on the client side (webapp) and I need to concatenate them in one file for downloading. I did concatenation with this line of code:

const blob = new Blob(listOfChunksBlobs, {'type': 'audio/ogg'});

And I play the final audio in VLC without problem, BUT the length is incorrect, looks like I need to alter some header / metadata for that? Can you please guide me, maybe I need to alter some bytes as specific position?

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