[ogg-dev] Help with Opus Streaming

Deepak K appdevwiz at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 09:05:21 UTC 2016


We have an windows client application to playback wav audio. Now we have to
support Ogg Opus audio. The client is WPF application and the audio player
component is in C++. The opus audio file is downloaded from an web-service
and written to a Stream which is loaded into the player. I need to achieve
the following:

1. Start playback immediately as and when the audio is being downloaded.
2. Allow user to jump to any position (by moving the audio slider) while
the file is still being downloaded and written to the file stream.

I am able to achieve the above when the file has completely downloaded but
not when the file is downloading.

1. How can I know the audio length to initialize my player? Is it available
in the Ogg header?
2. When the user moves the slider forward, how can I calculate the audio
position and request the server for file from that offset?

Any guidance on this will be helpful.
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