[ogg-dev] cmake build support for libogg

Timothy B. Terriberry tterribe at xiph.org
Wed May 27 06:09:06 PDT 2015

Cristian Adam wrote:
> Yes please. CMake support is somehow mandatory for any C/C++ project
> nowadays.

This is objectively not true.

> Death to autotools! But that's just my ignorance speaking :-)

I hate autotools as much as the next guy, but I don't think you're going 
to supplant it, just because it embodies 20 years of deployment 
experience, experience which cuts in both directions: libogg has changed 
to deal with the crap that other systems do just as much as 
distributions, etc., have changed to deal with the crap that libogg does.

CMake was presented as a solution to one particular problem: the fact 
that MSVC requires new project files in an incompatible format every 
time they release a new version. Let's start with solving just that 
problem, and see how that works out.

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