[ogg-dev] can you suggest on extending ogg as short-clip container and the make of its tool?

gildororonar at mail-on.us gildororonar at mail-on.us
Thu Mar 7 02:26:22 PST 2013

Conrad Parker <conrad at metadecks.org> wrote:
> My understanding is that it is common to have the data for each sound
> effect in a standalone Ogg bitstream,
> and to pack these Ogg bitstreams into a single file in a different
> container which has been designed for
> random access.

> This index could be as simple as concatenating the sound effect files
> and providing a separate
> index file mapping filename to (start byteoffset, length in bytes).

Then what would be that container format? Which is technically  
suitable and inline with the spirit of xiph?

I checked 4 formats without luck.

I checked GNU Tar format and Microsoft CAB format, both lack index,  
thus requiring bisection search.

I checked ISO format and .cfs file formats, both have good indexes but  
a lot more complicated than necessary, requiring a whole library to  
access the file instead of a few for-loops in C.

I heared Microsoft AVI format has an index, but not sure if it can be  
used to its advantage in this use case.

If the index file is a text file with 3 fields: file name, start  
offset, length, then you cannot avoid using bisection method anyway,  
and the number of bisection search do not reduce, the advantage being  
a smaller file to be operated.


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