[ogg-dev] embeding xml to ogg

Oleksij Rempel (fishor) bug-track at fisher-privat.net
Fri Jun 8 22:32:20 PDT 2012


On 08.06.2012 19:14, Martin Leese wrote:
> Oleksij Rempel<bug-track at fisher-privat.net>  wrote:
>> Ok,
>> you are right, using existing technology will save time :)
> What has not yet been discussed is what you
> are streaming *to*.  That is to say, what
> software is going to receive the metadata, and
> what will it do with it.

After file was created they can be used everywhere. This is why i wont 
integrate as match as possible in existing software. At first plays stay 
gstreamer and little tools called gnome-sound-recorder. This is also the 
reason why i do not wont to create comments for my own use.

I already started pushing patches, your comment are welcome too:
This is first one for DATE tag.

> This is important because VorbisComments
> can contain pretty much anything you want.
> Suggestions for field names (keys) and field
> values are just those, suggestions.  Whether
> suggestions make sense for your particular
> application depend on what your metadata will
> be used for.
>> please correct me if i'm wrong:
>> 1) datetime
>> in different sources i got different description. At the beginning i
>> thought the DATE tag can be used only with DATE=YYYY-MM-DD
>> According to this:
>> http://wiki.xiph.org/VorbisComment#Date_and_time
>> i can use: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+TS
>> is it correct?
> Correct, the suggestion is to use the ISO
> scheme.  I don't recall which specific ISO
> standard this is; perhaps somebody else can
> remember its number.

in progress

>> 2) keywords.
>> it is not the same as DESCRIPTION. What tag should i use for keywords?
>> In case of dc we usually use dc:subject.
> VorbisComment field names (keys) are case
> insensitive.  However, the convention is to use
> uppercase, so I would stick with DC:SUBJECT,
> DC:DESCRIPTION, JOBREF, etc.  Note that
> keys cannot contain the tilde character, ~.
>> 3) DECRIPTIO - clear, no problem.
>> 4) LOCATION, i would use computer guid and host name. Is it ok?
>> or is it "Tantalos resource ID"
> Use whatever works best for your application.
> (I have never understood what a "Tantalos
> resource ID" actually is.  It does not seem to
> be widely used.)  Note that field values must
> contain only UTF-8.
>> 5) we also need do some kind of booksmarks at record time.
>> it should know only the time where button "bookmark" was pressed.
>> is "Chapter Extension" correct way to do this? Is it possible to use
>> only one time "CHAPTER001=00:10:00.000"? Usually second time is unknown
>> any way.
> The Chapter Extension is intended for indexing,
> and is expected to have a second time.
> Instead, why not use BOOKMARK=... ?
> Regards,
> Martin

thank you!
I working on patches now, if i have more questions, i'll ask.

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